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separate account mortgage fund

For more than 60 years a.s.r. has offered mortgages in the Dutch market. From mid-2017 onwards, investors have been able to participate in a cross-section of a.s.r.’s mortgage origination. The total amount of mortgages provided to institutional investors is approximately € 7.5 billion.

Bespoke portfolio

With the ASR Separate Account Mortgage Fund we offer institutional investors a bespoke solution to invest in prime Dutch residential mortgage loans. Investors have their own fund of newly originated mortgage loans, with no risk of sharing with, or dependency on, other investors. Investors can chose the duration, LTV-ratio and percentage NHG/non-NHG. Per September 2020 € 750 million is invested via the ASR Separate Account Mortgage Fund. There are two participants with their own subfund. The minimum amount to participate is € 150 million.

Well structured process

The ASR Separate Account Mortgage (fund level) acquires a representative cross-section of recently provided mortgages at a nominal value of 100% (executed before a civil-law notary no more than 60 days ago). Within the fund, the purchased mortgage receivables can be allocated to different portfolios. This provides the possibility to honour specific investment preferences of a participant.


For more information, please contact René Berenschot at +31 6 2525 8257 or rene.berenschot@asr.nl.